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Thursday, 15 June 2017

A.B.G.S. - Erdlager (CoC ‎– CoC 18, CD ALBUM, 1994) (FLAC)

This was the last A.B.G.S. album. Utilizing only junked objects (i.e. steel plates, oil barrels, plastic containers) and recording only in abandoned warehouses, A.B.G.S. fits in with post-industrial niche of German guys banging on metal. Perhaps the result of Thomas Koner’s post-production work, these recordings are much more subtle than that of Einsturzende Neubauten, Test Dept, and Crash Worship. A.B.G.S. has since disbanded with some of its members forming the haunting drone ensemble [multer]. Erdlager was released on CD by CoC (CoC 18) in 1994.


1 Einzug 2:33
2 Im Turm I 6:23
3 Im Turm II 5:03
4 Vier Am Fass 4:17
5 Strandgut 4:13
6 Amygdala 1:34
7 Chant 6:04
8 Bunkershanty 3:09
9 Lha-o 5:35
10 More Bass 5:45
11 Das Knirschen 3:51
12 Musique Concrete 1:39
13 Erdlager 19:33

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Thursday, 12 January 2017

S.B.O.T.H.I. ‎– And ( LP, Picture Disc , 1987) (Selektion ‎– SLP 017) FLAC

Strange sounds for strange people...from Mister
Achim Wollscheid... S.B.O.T.H.I. = Swimming Behavior Of The Human Infant
S.B.O.T.H.I. ‎– And
Label:Selektion ‎– SLP 017
Format:Vinyl, LP, Picture Disc
Style:Noise, Experimental  

A1Memory a.a.O.
A2 Den Bosch. Sweet And Useful
B1 Screening II
B2 O.T.; Spiegelungen Ausgestorbener Sprachen                              

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Monday, 12 December 2016

Maeror Tri ‎– Rare & Old Recordings / Fragilitas (1993, Cassette, Compilation, C90) (Drone Records ‎– DR-00 ) WAV

From 1988 to 1996, Maeror Tri were a German trio that used only electric guitars and tons of processing devices to create their floating and static droning soundscapes. The group is now disbanded. Knappe and Gitschel formed Troum, Siehl is currently working as Tausendschoen.


Maeror Tri ‎– Rare & Old Recordings / Fragilitas
Label:Drone Records ‎– DR-00
Format:Cassette, Compilation, C90
Released:1993 (only private for friends)
Style:Ambient, Industrial, Experimental

  Rare & Old Recordings

A1     –Maeror Tri     Landscape Of Visionary Thoughts     15:20
A2     –Maeror Tri     Arcana     4:20
A3     –Maeror Tri     A Storm Of Sparks     4:27
A4     –Maeror Tri     Sibilans     4:22
A5     –Maeror Tri     Chirping     6:24
A6     –Maeror Tri     This Is Heaven     2:26
A7     –Baraka(H)    Subliminal Love (Amama)     7:34

B1     –Maeror Tri     Fragilitas     5:49
B2     –Maeror Tri     Avaldamon     6:19
B3     –Maeror Tri     Gate To Your Soul     4:55
B4     –Maeror Tri     Suavitas     3:37
B5     –Maeror Tri     Searcher     9:04
B6     –Maeror Tri     Amplexari     6:02
B7     –Maeror Tri     Melting In Warmth     3:22

 Gift from Stefan Knappe (Maeror Tri).

Side A: Collection of rare and unreleased tracks.

Side B: Previously issued on C-45 cassette in 1991.

All recordings made between October 1990 and October 1991. "Suavitas" is dedicated to Martin. This is a private tape-release which is not available for sale.
All material has or will be released on different tapes and compilations.
"Das Bewußtsein von Vergänglichkeit macht jeden von uns einsam"
DRONE RECORDS DR-00 / November 1991

Cassette case with 4-panel J-card and folded insert. Cassette shell with sticky strips

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Monday, 21 November 2016

Cranioclast ‎– Rats Can Coil Cats Can Roil (Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM ) (CoC ‎– CoC 06 ) (FLAC)

Cranioclast is a duo from Hagen, Germany which produce various artistic endeavors, most commonly music. Usually those two identify themselves as Soltan Karik and Sankt Klario. They have their own label called CoC and were working with a number of like-minded bands, including Kallabris, Fetisch Park and A.B.G.S..
(from Discogs)

Cranioclast ‎– Rats Can Coil Cats Can Roil
Label:CoC ‎– CoC 06
Format:Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM
Style:Ambient, Industrial

A)Rats Can Coil
B) Cats Can Roil

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Kranioklast ‎– Romantisch & Zärtlich / Neurotisch & Exzessiv (Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM, 1982) (Not on Label ‎– WKEP.187) (FLAC)

The first incarnation of one of the best german groups in the genre of experimental or whatever music.

On this first 7" the style is more minimal electronic with texts from Kafka and Büchner.
Enjoy this verry rare piece of music.

Kranioklast ‎– Romantisch & Zärtlich / Neurotisch & Exzessiv
Label:Not on Label ‎– WKEP.187
Format:Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM
Genre:Electronic, Non-Music
Style:Experimental, Minimal

A1     Gib's Auf!

    Text By – Franz Kafka

A2     Die Vorübergehenden

    Text By – Franz Kafka

B1     Warum Bläst Gott Nicht Die Sonn' Aus!

    Text By – Georg Büchner

B2     Apoplexia Cerebralis

    Text By – Georg Büchner


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Sunday, 10 April 2016

Hithlahabuth ‎– Three Excentric Circles ( Hithlahabuth Records ‎– HRC. 003 ) (Cassette, C60) (WAV)

Hithlahabuth are from Germany and have been active for more than 10 years. As yet, they released only a few works on their own Hithlahabuth Records label which also served to release their solo (often under different names) and collaborative projects. Hithlahabuth is the name for "burning" or "glowing" in the sense of ecstasy of the religious notion of "chassidism". Their work can be defined as droning sound-collages, similar to Maeror Tri and early Current 93.

Pics are from my own copy. Load this today also on Discogs.

Hithlahabuth ‎– Three Excentric Circles

Hithlahabuth Records ‎– HRC. 003
Cassette, C60
A1 Untitled
Performer [Basis Track] – TestimoniumPerformer [Final Adaptation] – HeathenfunPerformer [First Adaptation] – .O.O.O.*
A2 Untitled
Performer [Basis Track] – .O.O.O.*Performer [Final Adaptation] – TestimoniumPerformer [First Adaptation] – Heathenfun
A3 Untitled
Performer [Basis Track] – TestimoniumPerformer [Final Adaptation] – HeathenfunPerformer [First Adaptation] – .O.O.O.*
A4 Untitled
Performer [Basis Track] – TestimoniumPerformer [Final Adaptation] – Heathenfun
A5 Untitled
Performer [Basis Track] – .O.O.O.*Performer [Final Adaptation] – Heathenfun
A6 Untitled
Performer [Basis Track] – TestimoniumPerformer [Final Adaptation] – HeathenfunPerformer [First Adaptation] – .O.O.O.*
A7 Untitled
Performer [Basis Track] – HeathenfunPerformer [Final Adaptation] – .O.O.O.*
B1 Untitled
Performer [Basis Track] – HeathenfunPerformer [Final Adaptation] – .O.O.O.*Performer [First Adaptation] – Testimonium
B2 Untitled
Performer [Basis Track] – TestimoniumPerformer [Final Adaptation] – HeathenfunPerformer [First Adaptation] – .O.O.O.*
B3 Untitled
Performer [Basis Track] – .O.O.O.*Performer [Final Adaptation] – Heathenfun
B4 Untitled
Performer [Basis Track] – HeathenfunPerformer [Final Adaptation] – Testimonium
B5 Untitled
Performer [Basis Track] – .O.O.O.*Performer [Final Adaptation] – Heathenfun
B6 Untitled
Performer [Basis Track] – HeathenfunPerformer [Final Adaptation] – Testimonium
B7 Untitled
Performer [Basis Track] – .O.O.O.*Performer [Final Adaptation] – Heathenfun
B8 Untitled
Performer [Basis Track] – TestimoniumPerformer [Final Adaptation] – HeathenfunPerformer [First Adaptation] – .O.O.O.*

Packaged in a 7" sleeve with hand-made cover art and an additional artwork piece on copper foil.
Edition of 33 numbered copies.

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Thursday, 7 April 2016

The Rorschach Garden ‎– Rain Culture (CASSETTE C-46) (WAV)

Wonderful relaxed release from Philipp with fantastic sounds and grooves. Met him first time in 1994 at the Anachronismus Label Festival in Ludwigsburg / Germany.. Played as Akyanova a cool minimal set. At this evening together with Maeror Tri, Skrank (Andreaz Vogel /MØHR) and the famous Markus Schwill.

The Rorschach Garden ‎– Rain Culture

IRRE Tapes ‎– IT 110
Cassette, Album, C46
A1 The Emperor Of Rain
A2 Dangerous Strangers
A3 Rain Palace
A4 Cyberchrist
A5 One Year Rostock
B1 Eternal Prisoner
B2 The Fallen King
B3 Marys Eternal Rest
B4 Station To Station 
Voice, Sampler [Bells] – Moata Omen
B5 For The Lady Of My Dreams
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Sunday, 26 October 2014

M. Finnkrieg & Henry Hektik & Thomas Sutter - Berlin Diary: Volume 1 - Victory Weapon One (Regicide Bureau, C60,1987-1988)

"Exciting release from M. Finnkrieg and Henry Hektik + Tom Sutter from Regicide Bureau....

This was an 8 Tape series recorded at Deaf Eye Studios in Berlin during the late 80's...

These cassettes were extremely limited .... available directly from the defunct

This is the first tape... volume one

M Finnkrieg - Synths, Rhythms, Programming, sampling
Henry Hektik - Synths, Rhythms, Programming, Tapes
Thomas Sutter - Synths, Voice, Guitar, Tape

Deaf Eye
Rathenowerstr.  46
1000 Berlin 21
West Germany"

Ripped by anemiccinema.

This tape was previously shared on Mutant Sounds and I am still searching for other editions.

According to the info I found, Thomas Sutter is from St. Louis, Mike Finnkrieg is based in Berlin, Henry Hektik is also German I'd say.

Thomas Sutter (Regicide Bureau) is prolific tape trader and home taper, the label Regicide Bureau included a great amount of 1980-2000+ releases. His own cassettes are on classic Sound of Pig, Deaf Eye, Ecto Tapes, Harsh Reality Music and HalTapes; documentation of his collaboration includes Charles Rice Goff III, If, Bwana, Minoy, Hal McGee...
Here is another compilation track probably dated 1989, one of many collabs with M. Finnkrieg - LINK.

 I remember very well Finnkrieg's, Sutter 's and Central's 
WAR GODS track from Thee Exchange Ov Magnetic Energies limited edition compilation (International Terrorist Networkwhich induced me to keep these guys in mind and try to get more musical material by them... Anyway, Mike Finnkrieg is owner of Deaf Eye label and was in duo group along with Henry Hektik called Subtle Reign which was active shortly in the 80s releasing two tapes (or maybe more) that are highly rare. 

Among other works, Henry had done his tracks available on the plate of Audiofile Tapes, IRRE Tapes, Epitapes for compilations....

An electro orientated release.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

SIEGMAR FRICKE - 1987 (Hahamandad - HA012, C60, 1990 | DIGITAL REMASTER 2014)

Our "disko boy" Siegmar Fricke remastered another old cassette solely for WET DREAMS. (Thank you Siegmar!)
"1987" was recorded on magnetophon with the use of Yamaha keyboard and Yamaha sampler, furthermore, originally released on Hahamandad label held by Dutch Messy and Amanda Man "Amy" in 1987 on C-60. 
Also worth noting is that Hahamandad label has hosted a big tape festival in 1990 in Ternuezen where then-22-year-old Siegmar had his debut which you can see below....

You can download this video HERE on official PHARMAKUSTIK Vimeo.

Although the track on the video is dated 1990 (not available on the 1987 tape), it's still important documentation which testifies the gathering of great underground musicians like factor X, Beurk, M.I.Dotan, Bram D, Dva Met Dva Nichts & PDM, Nostalgie Eternelle, From Nursery To Misery, Das Freie Orchester, Marilyn's Army, Grey Wolves, Contact T.B.D., Harald 'Sack' Ziegler, Beequeen, Selfs Without Shells and Dark Star performing and selling their tapes...

Funny or not, I surely couldn't resist moving my feet to the beat! Again!


Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Various ‎- Beton-Werk I (Beton Tapes - BT71, cass, 1993)

Hamburg based cassette label led by Alexander Pohle (Awake At The Wall, Mururoa Radio Wavers) in the 90s.

"Beton Tapes was formed in 1990, and ran by Alexander Pohle who now does the minimal label NLW, along with the Back Again zine (amongst other things). He also had another tape label called Gorkon Recordings in the 90s too. If the label's catalog numbers are correct, Beton put out well over 100 cassettes, though I have only been able to uncover maybe around 50-60 of these." -sorrow-vomit 

A1 Das Kombinat - Objekt Zum Zerstören
A2 Las Cometas Alegres - Preparacion Al Porto
A3 Mordant - Gnôthi Seauton
A4 Konvergenz - Raum 104
A5 The Rorschach Garden - Synapticon
A6 Endzeitgeneration - Shetland = Totland
A7 Karceral Flesh - Too Much Pain Everywhere
A8 Notstandskomitee - Sprechende Haushaltsgeräte
A9 Hoarst ! - Uusende Fleygen
A10 Eroe Anemico - Suicide Sex Mania (Raped Version)
B1 Majestic Twelve - 000110
B2 Der Eisenhut - Synapsenkurzschluß
B3 Notstandskomitee - Moloch Maschine
B4 Eroe Anemico - A Reason To Believe
B5 Karceral Flesh - La Petite Fille
B6 The Rorschach Garden - The Skydiver
B7 Para-Noise-Terminal - Tan
B8 Hoarst ! - Bastard Democracia
B9 Monteferro Coilco - Re-Pap
B10 Y-Ton-G - Zeitholz
B11 Mordant - Im Haus

(Comes with A5 b/w booklet which I don't have.)

Thank you, Francisco López.